A Perfect Career Is a Perfect Marriage

There are two ways to make it in business; doing something better than everyone else, or doing something new. This balance of innovation and development is what has fueled the universal economy since the beginning of time.
In my opinion most people start out by trying to create something new but almost inevitably get deterred. The high idealism of college and the university is temporized by the hard realities of making a living and meeting ones real-life responsibilities. And so the tragic reverse alchemy takes place in the hearts and minds of hopeful entrepreneur and the search for novelty is transformed to the consistency of mediocrity.
Not for a moment will I blame someone for not being an innovator of for giving up on his or her ambitions. Making a living is one of the most difficult challenges in life and for those who prefer the safety of a nine-to-five job I don't think it right to hold it against them.
But there are some field was creativity and novelties are literally the name of the game. I'm referring of course to the world of fashion. I live and breathe with the seasons and follow trends as diligently as a Talmudist. And one of the joys of the clothing business is having to constantly come up with new ways of selling everyday necessities like clothing.
So here is one idea that I saw recently while I was window shopping on black Friday. I was walking down the streets of Manhattan and saw a store with a major twist. They had the traditional store mannequins in the display window but this time something was different. The mannequins did not have regular mannequin heads; they had the heads of exotic birds. It was so interesting to see colorful parrots and horn bills looking out at me from atop the most ordinary mannequins bodies. Then it occurred to me, the person who conceived of this advertising idea was brilliant. They did not go looking for custom mannequins which could have run them thousands of dollars, they simply got the exotic bird heads and affixed them to ordinary mannequins. It was brilliant.
I mention this as an example of someone going to an everyday nine-to-five job and yet managing to be innovative and creative at the same time. The world of design, whether it be on the internet or web site development or fashion is full of remarkable and unique minds. Design is a world were safety and consistency meets trailblazing and creativity on a daily basis.
So if you are considering which career path to pursue you might want to think about a field which combines vision and consistency, from my experience I can confidently say that you will not regret it.

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