Moscow Apartments for rent Tips

With a rich history and interesting, and more than 10 million inhabitants, Moscow is the center of Russia's economic landscape, culture, and education. As a result of the country's economic growth is stable and virtually unlimited potential, an increasing number of multinational companies have set up shop in Moscow, bringing the amount of unprecedented business travelers to the city. But the size of the city and its complexity, combined with a unique language and culture, making the country Moscow hard to navigate for foreigners. Here, then, are a few tips to help ease the way for business travelers.

1. Carefully Select your accommodation

Moscow Apartments list for daily rentals. Where You choose to live can make the difference between success and disaster business travel. Your best bet is to pick a business class, complete, Serviced apartment for short term rentals in Moscow near Kremlin will provide you with the comfort of familiar Western, while giving you access to the equipment you need (such as Wi-Fi internet, a computer, printer, scanner and fax, and local calls free) to stay connected and get the job done. A lot of that comes with a full kitchen and washing machine, which will help you settle in and concentrate on the business at hand.

When choosing a rental Moscow, make sure to find a rental in an upscale area of Arbat Moscow Ring Road, in the Park. This is a very safe area, and one that is close to supermarkets, shops, restaurants, embassies, financial institutions, and a nightclub. In addition, unless you're fluent in the language of Russia, chose to work with a company that owned and operated the West. United Kingdom-speaking staff will go a long way in ensuring that your stay in Moscow go smoothly and stress free.

2. Get through Passport Control

When you arrive at the Domodedovo International Airport Sheremetyevo 2 international airport or, it's easy to become overwhelmed by the line and procedures in the Customs and passport control. Apartment rental companies best served can also arrange airport VIP service for full, Fast Track check-in, and access to the business lounge.

3. Visa Registration

Private Apartments for rent in Moscow, Russia. Russia has very strict rules for foreigners visiting Russia. Not only do you have to register at the time of your arrival in Moscow, but if you are visiting other cities, you should apply there too. If you live in the short term rental, the company that manages the West should be able to help you rent in a myriad of visa compliant.

4. airport and Train Transfers

Many business travelers are overwhelmed by the logistics involved in going to and from Moscow airport and railway station. There are four major airports and train stations in the city, as well as nine Metro systems in the world's most extensive. Although it is possible to negotiate Moscow's transport system on your own, it's much less of a hassle to order the transfer of the airport or train station with Moscow rental companies you select.

5. Taxi and Transportation Services

Do you need to get around Moscow or will be one of the most popular destinations in Russia, it is important to choose a reliable taxi and transportation services. Again, it helps to be able to rely on the West, which can be set up for you to order a taxi per hour.

With proper planning, business trip in Moscow can be a productive and enjoyable.